Outage Center

Two ways to report an outage:

• Toll-free: 800.323.2316

• Submit through the SmartHub® app.

For current outages, check Southern Indiana Power’s Outage Map.

Storm Preparation

Being prepared for the worst is no small feat. You should also assemble a storm kit that will get you through at least three days without leaving the house. Here are some items we recommend putting in your kit:

  • Lineman working on power lines on a road with snow on the ground.Semi- and non-perishable food items
  • Enough water for one gallon per person per day
  • Lamps and flashlights (don’t forget the batteries!)
  • A first aid kit stocked with essentials
  • Basic tools
  • Alternative heat source, like a fireplace or kerosene heater

How Power is Restored

Southern Indiana Power’s goal is to restore power to the greatest number of members in the shortest time possible. Watch this short video to better understand the power restoration process.