Renewable Energy

Distributed Generation (solar)

Consumers are looking for ways to be more self-reliant with it comes to energy use. An informed consumer is able to make decisions that are good for them, good for the environment, and for their community. Sometimes just knowing what questions to ask is the biggest challenge.

As part of the Hoosier Energy network, we have been adding renewable energy to our purchased power portfolio for a decade. Our wind and solar demonstration projects have served as a valuable resource to our members for nearly 10 years. If you are thinking about adding a renewable power system to your home, contact us early in the process. We can help you ask the right questions of vendors and dealers and our engineering staff will work with you to ensure a safe installation tied to our power grid.

Experience has shown us that solar generation is much more economical in our area than wind power. View our Solar Brochure (PDF).

Application and Agreement Forms

My Solar (community solar)

Southern Indiana Power is excited to offer a cooperative solar program called My Solar.

This program allows any member to use solar energy at their home or business without installing or maintaining a private solar project. Member participants are able to share in the output from one of 10 solar arrays already located around southern Indiana.

The My Solar program will work for any property; home or business. Now you can support renewable energy without the hassle of ownership.

Visit the My Solar website for more information. You can also check out our My Solar FAQ and Estimated Credit.

Are you thinking about purchasing and installing your own roof-top solar system? Take a look at this My Solar Fact Sheet (PDF) and see how My Solar compares to conventional Rooftop Solar installation and costs.

Ready to signup? Fill out the My Solar Contract Member Agreement (PDF) and bring in your upfront payment to the office to get started.

**Please be cautious of companies who don’t have your best interest at heart:

New Haven Solar Site

Have you ever driven by Hoosier Energy’s solar site near the I-64 interchange at Dale? If so, visit the Hoosier Energy website to check out the statistics on what a 1 MW site produces.

Solar panels in a large field