The look of your billing statement has changed this month

The following categories will appear on all bills moving forward:

  • Facilities Charge – previously listed as Service Charge, this fee covers metering at your location, basic administrative costs to serve customers, and the average cost to connect to the power grid.
  • Energy Charge – this amount is based on the kilowatt hours (KWH) you consume each month.
  • Demand Charge – some rates have demand components and some do not. For example, the majority of our members are on our General Service rate and this rate does not currently have a demand component.  Rates that do not include a demand component will show a $0.00 charge each month.
  • Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPCA)– This is often referred to as a “Tracker.” It has always been a component of our rates.  However, until now, the charges were grouped together with the KWH fees (and labeled as “Energy Charges”).  This is because it is also based on your KWH consumption each month.

Our Tracker is directly based on the WPCA we are charged from Hoosier Energy since they are our power supplier.  When Hoosier Energy is paying higher than expected prices on coal, natural gas, and other resources used to produce power for Southern Indiana Power Members, they pass that additional cost along to us in the form of the WPCA.  In turn, we adjust our Tracker so it is in line with Hoosier’s.

This amount changes quarterly and is currently quite volatile.  Currently, the Tracker is $0.01681 per KWH.

  • Tax
  • Round-up – Operation Round-up provides an opportunity to all of our members to help their neighbors and communities in which they live. This is a community service fundraising program.  The funds are not used to pay electric bills.  The funds are used to benefit non-profit community service projects, people and organizations serving the communities we serve.

Additional categories that appear on a billing statement, only when/if the account includes the component, include the following:

  • Security/Dusk-to-Dawn Light
  • Flood Light
  • Transfer/Reconnect Charges
  • Air Evac Membership
  • Contract Minimum Charge
  • Temporary Service Entrance Fee (formerly Temp Service Loop)